Urban Air Mobility
The future happens in the third dimension

We shape the future of on-demand air mobility by
providing safe, smart and electric, flying vehicles for
sustainable mobility from anywhere

Pathbreaking Key-Technologies

The first high-end, electric flying vehicle powered by a
proprietary cell and battery design, unique propulsion
system and integrated power electronics

The urban mobility landscape
will evolve to a more shared 
environment with ​urban air 
mobility, being a part of a 
seamless customer ecosystem

Futuristic Design

Our design will reflect a modern, timeless,
safe and human-centric passenger drone
giving users best-in class usability.

Always Connected

We are born in a digital world. Devices and
people are seamlessly connected to
everywhere. People to People. Drones to Drones.

Effortless Mobility

Take-off and land from anywhere. Most secure 
way to go from A to B supported by AI/ML with 
in-drone assistant and air control.

Sustainable Mobility

Reducing CO2 emiss​ion to a minimum 
by reducing road traffic and fully autonomous,
electric power train.

The battery is the back-bone of the company.

Proprietary battery and cell design development of the next generation will support modular architectures with integrated control system, redundancy, and fault tolerance.  Valcon Labs designs the vehicle around the  battery. Our batteries will guarantee  highest safety standards. Smart module cells  are designed for efficiency and long life.  

Batteries will be non-flammable due to no organic liquid electrolytes, very light, and have highest energy capacity. Valcon Labs' integrated self-healing power electronics will enable effortless and fast exchange and low maintenance needs. The innovative air flow cage will utilize in being air streams for wattless cooling. The arch-enforced supporting structure provides additional mechanical strength for rough and unforeseen environments.

At Valcon Labs the battery versions ENERGY & POWER are built for multiple purposes cross-industries. Inventing and collaborating with the best research institues worldwide for the competitive edge and breakthrough innvoations.  

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